Apr 3, 2013

Why I Like Old Things

Sometimes, I feel like everything is just going by so fast and I need to hold on to something to stay sane.  #naks

During the break, I was given time to do some spring-cleaning. As I was sorting through old stuff, I happened to unearth a dangerously addictive discovery that has morphed into my ultimate favorite time-wasting activity—SCRAPBOOKING.

I know scrapbooking can be associated with other “granny-esque” activities like knitting or cross-stitching. I have been given the “you can’t be serious” look whenever I talk about scrapbooking the way others would talk about cross fit or mountain climbing. But I find it so… therapeutic.

I indulge in old photos, old letters, old candy wrappers from crushes, wine corks from special events, dried up petals from special bouquets, old videos, test papers, tickets, brochures, old Ateneo Registration forms, ids, notes passed, receipts from sentimental purchases. And a lot of journals. I mean, A LOT.

I am brought back to a time where exchanging friendship bracelets meant more than signed contracts.

I read old love letters that mean so much more to me now after having truly experienced falling in love—and how awful it must be if those PANTS and MASH predictions ever came true!

I watch old videos of school presentations and I remember performing with all of my heart, without the burden of being criticized on twitter.

I see old medals and awards and feel encouraged about how hard work always pays off.

I see old neoprints and Picture City “barkada package” shots and think, “gandang ganda na ko sa sarili ko sa lagay na yan???” hahaha!

In these moments, I am able to relive the good and filter out the bad. And as I gather more for legitimate “scrapbooking purposes,” I can’t deny that there’s just something intrinsically beautiful about a happy thought… preserved on a page, glued to comfort, sprinkled with the bittersweet glimmer of time past. 

Sometimes, I feel like everything is just going by so fast and I need to hold on to something to stay sane. So I hold on to memories and enjoy basking in the wonderful feeling of those moments just a bit more before I am whisked off to another season in my life, and onto another crisp blank page.

P.S. Here are my treasures. Bilang pambawi dahil mahighit one year din akong di nagsulat, feel free to browse and laugh. Di pa ko marunong mag pluck ng kilay noon. 

I keep plane tickets, movie tickets, wine corks, cards, alikabok...
I don't even remember where some of these items were from! Hahaha!

A page from one of my scrapbooks. A trip to New York with Billy and my family :)

NEOPRINT! Umamin kayo ginawa niyo rin to!!! 

And of course, no malling experience would be complete without a barkada package photo.  After kumain sa food court at bumili ng Mocha Frappe sa Starbucks. Hahaha!

My super smart sister Dani. Hihihi kyooooot!

At a piano recital. As you can see, mahilig ako mag extra rice before.

During a Betty Boop dance number back in Senior Casa (I went to a Montessori school).

As Wendy (na bungi) in Peter Pan.

Now wasn't that fun? :p